Senior at Penn State Behrend in Erie Pa. Learning and aspiring to be a game designer.

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Game Design


These games have a variety of staples. Some are incomplete but they all have a unique approach. Some programs and engines that I have worked with are Unreal Engine, Unity, Lumberyard and other creations that have been developed partially in photoshop, blender, and maya. A few of these are just concepts with well thought-out game design documents, while others are developed strictly by me, and some were developed in a group studio setting. Through my professors and my game design focus as a whole, I have learned that variety, well thought out mechanics, and proper scope are key elements in creating a well-designed game.



Along side developing games, I have created a variety of drawings, concept art and illustrations in the past five years. I have always had a creative side but did not really get into it heavily until I discovered photoshop and the usability of digital drawing with a pen.

Game Mechanics Blog


One of the my favorite creations is my blog page that talks about game design and development mechanics. It features a variety of different takes on specific games as well as different topics like saving, marketing and competetive advertisements.


Mason Gossy
Game DesignerErie, Pa




Third year student at Penn State Behrend in Erie Pa. Learning and aspiring to be a game designer. Proficient in Unreal Engine, Unity and simple level design as well as board games.Moderate use of photoshop and coding experience in XML/Python/Java/C++.
Level Design                 Illustration/Story Design

 Character Design          Design Documentation
               Sound/Music Integration
-Blender                               -Sony Vegas Pro

-Photoshop                         -Unreal Engine

-Python                                 -Unity


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